Ecolosophy - San Benedetto
An ecological way of thinking things!


From gr. οἰκο- oiko-.: means 'ecological'

From gr. φιλοσοφία philosophía.: A way of thinking or seeing things.

Our main asset, the core and lifeblood of our company, is the mineral water which springs from the interior of the earth. We owe Nature for the existence of our activity and, this is why, we see sustainability as a philosophy inherent to our mission as a company. Hence the term, Ecolosophy: this is the way in which Agua Mineral San Benedetto uses knowledge and technology for the good of the environment and people. How?

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We have an agreement with SOS Children’s Villages according to which we supply daily bottles of water to the 45 boys and girls of its Day Center in Valencia. We also make regular donations to organizations such as Cruz Roja , Aid a Family Foundation and Zero Hunger, in addition to actively supporting all cultural initiatives and leisure of our local environment.