Entorno - San Benedetto
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Offset of CO2 emissions

We believe that a quantity of CO2 emitted in one part of the Earth can be neutralised with the reduction or elimination of the same quantity of CO2 in another part of the planet. Because we measure our carbon footprint, we are able to state that we offset 100% of the emissions of some of our products! How? By investing in sustainable forest projects.

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Wherever possible, we try to use sustainable transport, such as the use of vehicles fuelled by LPG and duo-trailer trucks, thus contributing to the reduction of our CO2 emissions.

Clean-up and reforestation of the environment

For several years we have organised tree-planting in the area surrounding our installations, selecting trees and species of plants native to the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park. Altogether, we reckon we have planted more than 1000 plants in the last five years.

We also carry out clean-ups in our environment to encourage the fight against littering and the clean-up of protected spaces.