Upgrade - San Benedetto

With UpGrade we have designed different formulas to adapt to every need: recovery, energy, hydration… During or after physical activity. And our range of isotonic drinks is available in different flavours and with different functional ingredients!

For athletes who exercise at a lower intensity and whose goal is to lose or maintain weight, UpGrade offers two Zero varieties enriched with magnesium, which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. For those professional athletes seeking to perform and compete at top level, the best alternatives are our UpGrade Neutral enriched with L-carnitine & Ginseng and UpGrade Orange enriched with extract of guarana. For all other athletes who regularly exercise in order to progress physically, UpGrade Blue and UpGrade Lemon are perfect choices, and both are low in kcal. In addition, all UpGrade isotonic drinks are made with mineral water and without preservatives!