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Every mineral water is unique. There are many factors which influence the taste and nutritional characteristics of mineral waters, but mainly the chemical composition, which in turn depends directly on the quality of the land where the corresponding natural spring is located. 

The Agua Mineral San Benedetto natural springs ―Fuente Primavera, Fuencisla and Font Natura― are characterised by a highly balanced mineral composition. The first two, located between Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park and Sot de Chera Geological Park, are rich in calcium and magnesium, providing a complete hydration, and are particularly recommended for people with these mineral deficiencies. The Font Natura natural spring (Sierra de Loja), provides a mineral water especially recommended for sodium-deficient diets.

All our mineral waters are weak mineralisation waters.

Natural mineral water is a unique food product, with a specific legislation different to other waters. Mineral water is recognised following a long and demanding administrative process conducted by the Department of Health, the Environment and Mining, unlike other waters from a different source.

Natural mineral water is characterised as being pure at source ―it does not receive any chemical treatment― and has a constant mineral composition. The bottle is necessary for its safety and conservation, and the label allows the consumer to always know what they are drinking ―where the water in question comes from and its mineral composition―. To find out more, clickhere.

There are no mineral waters which are better than others. The fact that a water has a weaker or stronger mineralisation does not make it healthier; each mineral water has qualities which make it unique and its suitability will depend on the needs of each body. For example, for a person who requires a low sodium diet, they should drink water which is sodium-poor. A person with kidney problems should, where possible, avoid medium or strong mineralisation water, etc. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

Yes, recent studies indicate that up to 30% of the adult population do not consume the daily recommended quantities of calcium and magnesium, and that the majority of Spanish people are unaware of the properties of mineral water in this respect, as reported in different news articles: 20Minutos, ABC, El País¸ EFE Salud, Europa Press, etc.

This is the name of a test which determines the total quantity of minerals ―expressed in mg― which remain in a dish after the evaporation at 180 ºC of one litre of water. It is not a concept of residue as such, but rather the total amount of minerals in a water. It is not, therefore, damaging or harmful to health in any way.

All our drinks are prepared using mineral water, unlike other brands. In addition, we work to prepare soft drinks which with optimum organoleptic and nutritional qualities, without letting the search for well-being detract from the flavour. In this respect, we manufacture drinks with fruit juices, low calorie, preservative-free… And always accessible and affordable for the consumer.

At San Benedetto we are aware of the need to reduce the amount of plastic used in the manufacture of our bottles without the bottles becoming less functional. This is achieved with ecodesign. Ecodesign considers the environmental variable as yet another criteria when taking decisions about the design process of the product. Thanks to this initiative, we can confirm that all our bottles weigh around 20% less than the sector average. Our lightest bottle only weighs 9.5 g, and we continue working to reach our objective to reduce the amount of PET in our bottles even more. This helps to limit the consumption of resources.

In addition, by using 100% recyclable materials, we guarantee the circularity of the waste, converting it back into a resource which can once again be used to make bottles.

In accordance with the Spanish Mineral Water Association (ANEABE), to which we belong, PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a transparent, resistant and lightweight material safe for food contact, used for making mineral water and soft drink bottles. In addition it is 100% recyclable, and permits efficiency during transport and distribution, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and the consequent CO2 emissions2  to the atmosphere.

Recycled PET or rPET is obtained from recycling products made with PET. This is why public collaboration is crucial: depositing empty drinks bottles in the yellow recycling bin starts the PET recovery and recycling process. In this way, companies have access to recycled material to produce new bottles or other products (clothes, toys, industrial goods…), giving the used PET a second life and returning it to the manufacturing circuit.

For further information, do not hesitate to consult the ANEABE frequently asked questions..

PET is the best available material, perfectly combining environmental sustainability with the preservation of quality and food safety. It is not only 100% recyclable; it also has the lowest environmental impact (energy consumption, CO2emissions, etc.) compared to other materials used in drinks bottles available today.

“Ecolosophy” is a term we have coined to refer to the way in which we use knowledge and technology for the good of the environment and people. This philosophy permeates all our actions and decisions, from the design of the product to its environmental impact, and including the manufacturing process. Find out more here!.

There are currently no facilities for online or direct sales to individuals. We sell exclusively through our distributors, both in Spain and internationally. If you can’t find our products in your usual shop, contact us using this form.

Yes, we have specific sugar-free drinks in the different segments in which we operate. You can view all our products in Brands > Soft Drinks.

We receive a huge number of requests every day for all sorts of events sports, cultural, charity, etc. and we regret we cannot always collaborate with the product. We try to give priority to requests for local events.

We advertise our products via media such as the radio, press and Internet. That’s why we try to limit our commitment to sponsorships to organisations established locally, provided they are completely in line with the values of our brands and within the established budget. If you want to send us a sponsorship proposal at national level, you can contact us via this form.

The policies and scope of our food safety, quality, work health & safety and environmental management systems are accessible on request through the contact form of this website.

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