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Measurement of strategic indicators
Carbon Footprint

At Agua Mineral San Benedetto we believe that, in order to reduce our environmental footprint, first we have to be able to quantify it. As everything that can be measured, can be improved. How do we do this?

We use a system offered by the SIMAPRO software, a certificate with recognised international standards such as the GHG Protocol or the ISO 14064 Standard. Only in this way we can respond accordingly with solutions that effectively reduce, in a quantifiable and measurable manner, our environmental impact.

Smart Water 4.0

In 2019 we added a smart water management system to our production process which allows us to obtain and have access to real time data. This innovative project was selected by The El Observatorio de Innovación en Gran Consumo (Innovation Observatory for Widespread Consumption)  that same year.

This application, using industry 4.0 technology and the IoT (“Internet of Things”), connects to the water wells and remotely monitors the readings from the springs. The control of the metrics ―flow, biochemical characteristics of the water, microbiological readings― is immediate and accurate, facilitating the management of the data processed throughout the production process.

This eliminates the need for physical visits to the springs to collect data, reducing the environmental impact of the vehicles used and the waste of water resources.

Circularity of the resources
Zero waste

We have an agreement with the local irrigation community, endorsed and administered by Júcar Water Board, to use the excess water from our production process and channel it to the fields of crops in the area. This helps to prevent boreholes made for agricultural purposes, which place aquifers at risk of overexploitation, and we make use of all the water resources.

Production with 100% renewable energy

100% of the electricity used at our plants in Spain comes directly from 100% renewable sources.

Industrial waste

We have an agreement with Reciclatges Guerola S.L which serves to guarantee that all our internal cardboard and paper waste is correctly processed (Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Soil) so that this waste is reincorporated, as a raw material, in the production cycle, in this way giving it a second life.