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At Agua Mineral San Benedetto we are specialists in ecodesign. Ecodesign is considered the environmental variable in the process to design and develop a product.

We have reduced the weight of PET in our bottles by an average 20% since 2008, making us the manufacturer of the lightest bottles in the mineral water market.

In addition, we use clear PET and polyethylene in the vast majority of our bottles to facilitate their subsequent recycling, as other coloured bottles are rejected at recycling plants and used for other purposes. Wherever possible, we also use paper labels. As a result, all our bottles are 100% recyclable!

We also use technology to bottle in an inert nitrogen atmosphere and we design our bottles with their logistics optimisation in mind. This is why some of our most representative bottles are square: this helps to avoid unnecessary spaces and makes it possible to transport more bottles per pallet!

Circularity of the bottles

At Agua Mineral San Benedetto we maintain that rPET is not the goal but just one of the many variables that help to reduce the carbon footprint. Using more recycled plastic to then increase the weight of or colour the bottles is not consistent with the objective. Por eso, en Agua Mineral San Benedetto intentamos utilizar rPET sin entrar en conflicto con los logros obtenidos en materia de ecodiseño.

That is why, at Agua Mineral San Benedetto we aim to use rPET without conflicting with the achievements obtained in terms of the ecodesign. Thus, all our films already contain 50% recycled plastic. In addition, our Font Natura 1L Easy Eco Green bottle, winner of the Product of the Year Award in 2016, is also made with 50% rPET. This year, our Fuente Primavera Sparkling water bottle in 1.5L format also has 25% rPET.


We want people to be aware of the importance of recycling bottles in the corresponding containers. With the help of Ecoembes, we can guide consumers through our labelling and prevent our bottles from ending up in the wrong place.

In addition, all our products come with the Green Dot, meaning that we have a recovery and recycling cycle that allows us to reuse the materials. Of course, provided we have the public’s collaboration: you start the cycle by throwing the bottle away in the corresponding container!